Orogenic Gold Deposit Model

Vein, stockwork and ‘disseminated’ gold deposits are very common within orogenic belts, providing a large percentage of total historical world and Australian gold production. Deposits can range from single small quartz veins to large and commonly high-grade, fault/shear controlled systems containing in excess of 2-5 million ounces of gold. Examples of such deposits are numerous and include the Tomingley-Caloma sytem in NSW, the Gympie deposit in Queensland, and the slate-belt deposits of Victoria (e.g. Bendigo, which is within the Lachlan Fold Belt).Quartz veins are usually steep and clustered and can be associated with pyrite, arsenopyrite, ankerite, sphalerite, galena and chalcopyrite. 

Orogenic Gold Deposits_small.JPG

(after Phillips and Hughes 1998, AGSO Journal of Geology and Geophysics 17, 213-216)

Thomson Resources has several projects targeting the Orogenic gold deposit type.