Wilga Downs Copper VMS

  • The Wilga Downs Prospect is on a granted EL (8136), 100% owned by Thomson Resources
  • It lies in the same age rocks as the Tritton copper VMS deposit (Early Ordovician Narrama Formation)
  • The Tritton Deposit resource was 14Mt at 2.7% Cu, 0.3g/t Au and 12g/t Ag in 2006
  • The rock types are similar to the Tritton area (metamorphosed siltstone and basalt)
  • Like Tritton, the prospect is marked by magnetic highs
  • Like Tritton, the prospect is marked by airborne and ground EM anomalies
  • The prospect has had only two drill holes in the vicinity, drilled in 1971 (AMAX) and 1978 (CRAE)
  • Neither tested the EM anomaly
  • However, both had anomalous copper, lead and zinc (up to 0.2% Cu, 0.5% Pb and 0.7% Zn) indicating a potential halo to economic mineralisation


 WD em image 21 march 2016