Exploration Overview

Thomson Resources has assembled a high quality portfolio of exploration projects in NSW. The top priority, currently, is the Bygoo tin project next door to Ardlethan, the biggest tin mine in NSW. The Wilga Downs and Achaye VTEM anomalies are prospective for VMS copper-zinc deposits. Thomson is also working on the Mt Jacob buried intrusion which is a gold prospect with a tin-copper skarn in close proximity.


Thomson has also discovered multiple mineralised hydrothermal systems in the Thomson Fold Belt (TFB), interpreted to be the northern extension of the Lachlan Fold Belt under cover. The Lachlan is one of the world's great metallogenic provinces. In NSW it has produced in excess of $200 billion of metals, mainly as gold (>2,100 tonnes Au), copper (11.9 million tonnes Cu) and lead and zinc (>10 million tonnes Pb+Zn). The province hosts in excess of 3,000 mineral deposits including 24 recognised porphyry copper/gold systems such as the world-class Cadia/Ridgeway and Northparkes deposits. It also hosts the large, high grade base and precious metal deposits of the Cobar Basin located close to the southern margin of the TFB. The TFB has only been lightly explored due to extensive sedimentary cover and it wasn't until 2006 that exploration got underway after the NSW Government funded aeromagnetic coverage under its New Frontiers program. To date, less than 50 effective exploration holes have been drilled in the TFB, an area bigger than Tasmania.


TMZ NSW Projects Ardlethan May 2015


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